Seventh solar village to connect over 100 households in Kabale to renewable energy

Association of SENDEA Uganda, a local cooperative supporting entities in the renewable energy space has launched its seventh solar village located in Ruhita, Kafunjo parish, Ruhara sub county in Kabale district that will connect at least 100 rural households to renewable energy solutions.

The Association of SENDEA Uganda aims to widen access and affordability of affordable solar systems to hundreds of locals who are left out of the traditional grid of hydro power connections.

Under this intervention of driving up access of renewable energy solutions model, hundreds of rural communities under solar villages in the districts of Luwero, Buikwe, Kasese, Jinja and Mbarara have benefit.

“Through our members in the solar association, we are providing a highly subsidised cost for different solar accessories to communities which we have declared as Solar Villages. We look to the economic activities that they are involved in and allow for modest monthly installment payments,” Loy Kyazaire, the CEO of SENDEA Uganda said.

“We are launching the seventh solar village here at Ruhita Village, in Kabale district where most of the local community members here are engaged in potatoes and passion fruit growing among others. They can afford these solar accessories which are highly subsidised by nearly 35%.”

According to Kyozaire, connecting households to cost effective solar accessories, SENDEA aims at improved lighting and spur socio and economic activities and in turn improving their standards of living


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