Sendea welcomes two new members

Solarfirst Uganda Ltd. and Sunny Money Uganda are the two new members of the Association of Sendea UG. The Association, which is unique in Africa, aims to strengthen local solar companies so that they can compete more easily with the large international solar companies.

Sendea’s work includes the exchange of experience among CEOs, the provision of solar training courses and installation work for international organizations. Just recently, Sendea members have equipped 35 health stations with solar energy on behalf of the Signify Foundation and Stiftung Solarenergie.

For Loy Kyozaire, CEO of Sendea, it is also important for the member companies to act as a consortium and thus act as a community vis-à-vis manufacturers or when bidding for tenders: “The advantage of Sendea for the international partners is that our members are spread across the whole of Uganda and we can therefore also offer maintenance and service nationwide. This is a great advantage of our work as a community,” Loy is sure.


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