Sendea gets support from GIZ and Stiftung Solarenergie

The solar energy access sector in Africa nowadays is mainly dominated by international manufacturers or distribution companies. However, the establishment of local solar companies, which work independently and are majority owned by domestic entrepreneurs, is important for sustainable job creation in the off-grid industry

“Association of Sendea Members Uganda” (Sendea UG) is a cooperative, established by like-minded local solar companies, who are majority owned by people of Ugandan nationality. Sendea UG enables SME to provide sustainable off-grid solutions for Ugandan households, small businesses, farmers, and institutions, create sustainable local jobs and close the gap of the “missing middle” in Ugandan solar sector.

Sendea works as a community of local solar SMEs and offers special advantages to its members, such as Peer-to-peer-exchange, trainings, workshops or purchase syndicate. Any Ugandan solar company that is willing to meet the quality standards and actively participate in the life of the cooperative can become a member. The fundamental idea: Growth through cooperation.


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