Urgent call for female mentors/volunteers in the solar energy sector

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Association Of Sendea

SENDEA has been subcontracted by Jugend Eine Welt as a local implementing partner on the Gender Matters Programme for Green TVETs in Uganda for 4 years with funding from Jugend Eine Welt and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the implementing body of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

The Green TVET programme is implemented by the Salesians of Don Bosco of the Province AGL (African Great Lakes), covering the countries Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, as the main implementor. Jugend Eine Welt on this present programme is strongly involved as technical support, providing guidance to the partners on aspects of gender equality and sustainability.

SENDEA’s role on the programme focuses on post-graduation support, conducting business bootcamps, and mentorship to enhance the employability, entrepreneurship, and soft skills of adolescent girls and young women who have graduated from Don Bosco Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centers at Kamuli, Bombo, and Palabek under the following courses; solar technology, electrical, plumbing, and agriculture.

To achieve this goal, SENDEA seeks experienced and dedicated female mentors (Volunteers) who are business owners or managers within the solar energy sector willing to guide and empower 40 young female graduates from TVET centers in their career development within the solar energy industry.

The primary objective of the female mentorship initiative is to foster the professional growth and success of young female technicians in the solar energy sector by providing them with career guidance, support, and industry insights from experienced female entrepreneurs.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • The female mentors will be responsible for:
    Providing guidance and mentorship to young female technicians from TVET Centers who are interested in pursuing careers within the solar energy sector.
  • Sharing insights, experiences, and expertise related to operating a successful business within the solar energy industry.
  • Assisting mentees in setting career goals, creating development plans, and identifying opportunities for growth within the sector.
  • Offering advice on technical skills, entrepreneurship, soft skills development, and career advancement.
  • Conducting periodic one-on-one mentoring sessions, either in person or virtually.
  • Monitoring and evaluating mentees’ progress, providing constructive feedback, and adjusting mentoring approaches as needed.

Qualifications and Requirements:

To be eligible for the role of a female mentor, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a female business owner operating within the solar energy sector.
  • Possess a strong background and extensive experience in the solar energy industry, including technical, operational, and business aspects.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to supporting the professional growth and empowerment of
    young female technicians.
  • Have effective communication and interpersonal skills to foster a positive mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Availability to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to mentorship activities and engagements.

Duration and Commitment:

The mentoring program is expected to run for a minimum of 6 months, with the possibility of extension based on mutual agreement. Mentors are expected to commit 4 hours per month to mentoring activities, which may include virtual or in-person meetings, discussions, and progress assessments.


Mentees will submit a monthly report validated by the mentors on their progress, mentorship activities, and feedback to SENDEA.

It is a voluntary program thus the mentors won’t receive any compensation for their time and expertise in accordance with the agreed-upon terms. SENDEA shall provide a certificate for mentoring young women and girls.


As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Make a meaningful impact on the lives and careers of young female technicians entering
    the solar energy sector.
  • Share your expertise and contribute to the growth of the renewable energy industry in
  • Expand your professional network and connections within the solar energy community.
  • Gain personal satisfaction from empowering the next generation of women in sustainable

Expression of Interest and Application Process:

Interested female business owners who meet the criteria are invited to express their interest by filling in the Mentor Profile Form below and attach a resume or CV detailing their solar energy industry experience and any relevant references. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further discussions.

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