The Boot Camp Facilitator/Coach

Associaton Of Sendea Uganda

1. Background:
SENDEA has been subcontracted by Jugend Eine Welt as a local implementing partner on the Gender Matters Programme for Green TVETs in Uganda for 4 years with funding from Jugend Eine Welt and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the implementing body of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

The Green TVET program is implemented by the Salesians of Don Bosco of the Province AGL(African Great Lakes), covering the countries Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda, as the main implementor. Jugend Eine Welt on this present programme is strongly involved as technical support, providing guidance to the partners on aspects of gender equality and sustainability.

SENDEA’s role in the program focuses on post-graduation support, conducting business boot camps, and mentorship to enhance the employability, entrepreneurship, and soft skills of adolescent girls and young women who have graduated from Don Bosco Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centers at Kamuli, Bombo, and Palabek under the following courses; solar technology, electrical, plumbing, and agriculture.

To achieve this goal, SENDEA seeks 9 experienced professionals (i.e., a team of 3 including a facilitator, a coach, and a trainer per TVET Center) to conduct and facilitate 2 days of boot camps for graduates from the above-mentioned courses and TVET Centers i.e., 133 students at Kamuli; Bombo has 114 students; and Palabek has 44 students who will participate in the boot camps on
the set dates in September and October

2. Objectives:
The primary objective of the boot camp is to prepare students, especially women and girls, for successful transitioning into employment/self-employment through business coaching and motivation by active business owners.

The boot camp will help to motivate the young entrepreneurs who have started businesses and refine their skills required for running a successful business, facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, enhance their entrepreneurial skills, and address solar industry-specific challenges.

The boot camp will consist of interactive sessions and discussions centered around business management and successful business principles, sales and marketing, customer care, financial planning, credit management, and leadership qualities.

3. Responsibilities and Scope of Work:

The Boot Camp Facilitator/Coach will be responsible for leading and conducting the two-day boot camp sessions in accordance with the provided objectives and content outline. The facilitator/Coach’s role includes, but is not limited to:

3.1. Preparation Phase:

  1. Reviewing the provided program information, objectives, and content outline.
  2. Collaborating with SENDEA to finalize the boot camp schedule and session content.
  3. Develop a detailed schedule for each day, including session timings, breaks, and activities.
  4. Creating engaging and interactive session plans for each topic, incorporating group discussions, case studies, and practical exercises.
  5. Identifying and preparing any necessary materials, resources, and handouts for participants.

3.2. Boot Camp Delivery:

  1. Conducting engaging and interactive sessions that encourage peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and practical solution development.
  2.  Leading discussions and sessions of agreed-upon topics during the boot camp.
  3.  Facilitating a case study session where a local solar entrepreneur shares their motivational experiences.
  4.  Encouraging participants to share their challenges and experiences in managing businesses.
  5. Encouraging active participation, group activities, and open dialogue among participants.

3.4. Evaluation and Feedback:

  1. Distributing feedback forms to participants at the end of the boot camp to gather insights and identify further training needs.
  2. Compiling feedback and insights gained from participants to improve future boot camp iterations.

4. Deliverables:
The facilitator/coach will be responsible for:

  • A finalized boot camp schedule with session plans.
  • Facilitation of all sessions during the 2-day boot camp.
  •  Engaging participants and promoting knowledge exchange.
  • Providing practical insights and solutions to challenges discussed.
  • Collecting feedback from participants and identifying additional training needs.
  • Report writing

5. Duration and Schedule:

The boot camp is scheduled for two (2) consecutive days. The specific dates below:

  • St. Joseph Vocational Training Center Kamuli : 29th to 30th September
  •  DonBosco Vocational Training Center Bombo : 6th to 7th October
  •  DonBosco Vocational Training Center Palabek : 27th to 28th October

6. Reporting:
The facilitator will report to the SENDEA’s CEO, and Programs Coordinator.

7. Compensation:
Compensation for the facilitator’s services will be discussed and agreed upon between the facilitator/coach and Sendea Academy.

8. Qualifications
The coaches should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field (e.g., engineering, business management, entrepreneurship, social sciences, gender equality, and pedagogy).
  • Each team of 3 should comprise of a facilitator, a coach, and a trainer per TVET Center.
  • Proposed personnels should possess a background in either one of the the above fields i.e., 1 with engineering; 1 with business management; 1 with gender matters etc.
  • Demonstrated experience in delivering training and coaching in entrepreneurship, vocational skills, or related areas or departments i.e., solar technology, electrical, plumbing, and agriculture.
  • Strong understanding of gender matters and the specific challenges faced by adolescent girls and young women in Uganda.
  •  Excellent communication and facilitation skills.
  • Proven ability to work effectively with diverse groups of learners.
  • Experience working in the Ugandan solar and agricultural space, particularly in rural or semi-urban areas.

9. Application Submission
Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV, a motivation letter highlighting their qualifications and relevant experience, and contact information for three professional references to (Copy ) by 20th September 2023.

To apply for this job email your details to