Terms and Conditions for Sendea Membership


Sendea is a program of Germany based Stiftung Solarenergie - Solarenergy Foundation. Director of the Foundation as well as for the Sendea program is Harald Sch├╝tzeichel.

Sendea is not a legal entity, neither legal association nor cooperative.

But Sendea as an informel network of like-minded solar entrepreneurs and companies is a strong and powerful tool to make local solar companies visible, exchange knowledge and provide support for members.


Membership is available exclusively for companies who: 

  • are registered in a developing country,  
  • are majority owned by local shareholders, 
  • are neither a branch nor exclusive distributor of an international manufacturer.

Per request of Sendea each company has to proof that these conditions are fulfilled.

Any change which may occur affect membership requirements has to be communicated to Sendea as soon as possible.

If all requirements are fullfiled membership applications usually are accepted. However, there is no legal right to become a member. Sendea can refuse membership application at any time. Applicant has to be informed about the reasons.


Obligations for members:

The membership is for free. But Sendea can be powerful only if members are active and engaged. The minimum obligations for members are: 

  • Provide information about companies activities to be published under "Sendea news" in Sun-Connect Newsletter. 
  • List at least three of the products a member company is offering on mangoo marketplace. This includes also the obligation for regularyl updated (products and prices). 
  • Place the membership logo on company's webpage.

Sendea members require to follow strict and strong policies to prevent, address and remedy discrimination, racism, and harassment. All staff of member companies are obliged to refrain from harassment/hate activity.


Contact for all matters concerning Sendea:

Stiftung Solarenergie. Sendea gGmbH

Basler Landstr. 8, 79111 Freiburg, Germany



Version: September 2017