Sendea Member News

September 2017



  • The Sendea Fellowship program has selected two new Ugandan entrepreneurs: Esther Katete (Founder and CEO SunTap Ltd.) and SsenkinduTapson (Founder and CEO Sostap Ltd.). AS Fellow of Sendea both entrepreneurs now will realize a solar-village and receive further support for their work as solar entrepreneur. 
  • Anuel Energy (Uganda) has opened a new branch in Zirobwe. The solar center 50 km north of Kampala will serve rural customers with solar products and ensure reliable after-sales-service.      
  • Four local solar companies joined Sendea as new members: Serve and Smile Ltd. (Rwanda),  Banlieues Du Monde (Mauritania), All in Trade (Uganda) and Source & Solutions (Nepal).
  • SunTransfer Kenya starts a new long term partnership with manufacturer Omnivoltaic. In a first step SunTransfer orders SHS, TV, lanterns for fishermen and other appliances. The Omnivoltaic products will be sold with PAYG credits, managed through SunTransfer's own credit management software (SIMS). 
  • Anuel Energy (Uganda) starts general agreement with German Solar-Connect eG for supplier credits.     
  • The DOEN Foundation becomes partner of Sendea: with financial support of DOEN three local entrepreneurs in Uganda get access to the unique accelerator program of Sendea.

August 2017

  • Crowdfunder Lendahand approved a Euro 1 mio credit line for SunTransfer Kenya. With the loan SunTransfer is able to provide solar home systems and solar lanterns to rural households.
  • SunTransfer Kenya empowers Maasai women: Solar power and clean-burning stoves are saving lives and changing fortunes in the Maasai lands between Kenya and Tanzania. And the clean energy revolution is being led by women. read more