Who can become a member of Sendea?

Membership is available exclusively for companies who: 

  • are registered in a developing country in Africa or Asia with electrification rate of less than 80%, 
  • are majority owned by local shareholders, 
  • are neither a branch nor exclusive distributor of an international manufacturer.



What are your obligations as member of Sendea?

The membership is for free.

But there are some obligations in order to make the network successful and fruitful for all members: 

  • As a member you need to regularly send us news about the activities of your company. The more the better. We will check them carefully and publish such news which we think are interesting for the readers of Sun-Connect News.  
  • You have to send us minimum three of the products you are offering to publish on Mangoo marketplace. You also need to regularly update the information (e.g. prices) on your published offers. It will damage your reputation if customers find out that your published prices are not correct.  
  • You need to place the Sendea membership logo on your webpage.



Interested to join Sendea?

Fill out the application form below and send it to:

Please notice also the Terms and Conditions for Sendea Membership.