Sendea enables solar entrepreneurs:

  • to build their solar company and let it grow
  • to create sustainable jobs
  • to provide sustainable off-grid solutions for rural customers

We are working as a network with fellows in Africa and Asia, building the
"solar entrepreneurs network for decentralized energy access": Sendea. 

We empower the "missing middle"
Small and medium enterprises are a fundamental part of the economic in developing countries, and they play a crucial role in furthering growth, innovation and prosperity. 

Sendea impact

  • Jobs created in national SME (developing countries): 114
  • Network member: 10

Member of

Latest News

April 2016

  • Sendea member Anuel Energy in Uganda starts a cooperation with Slum Dwellers International 
  • Sendea member SunTransfer Kenya opens two new Solar-Centers. This is part of the fast growing network to provide sustainable energy in rural areas.
  • Start of Sendea Business Tools: Field-tested tools for solar SME

March 2016

  • Sendea member SunTransfer Kenya starts inovative cooperation for end user finance with MFI Venture South 

February 2016

  • First solar village selected in Uganda

Dezember 2015

  • Inauguration Solar village in Cambodia

Off-Grid Industry Yearbook